Monday, March 12, 2007

Time to Wait

Here is a picture of the bracelet I got started on and did something that I am sure many other beaders have done, ran out of beads! I only needed four, FOUR more! I didn't count right and so now I have to wait until beads that I found show up in my mailbox.

I had to do an online search to find the beads too, because my niece no longer sells beads at but I got lucky!!!! I found more of the color that I needed at Land of Odds. Check out Jenni's newest handcrafted creations, Bears by Jen, she is making cute, cute little collectible bears!

I am following a pattern I found in Bead and Button's magazine. It is fun and not hard at all, so I am going to count out more beads, correctly and then start a new colored bracelet while I wait.

Using the traditional chevron chain stitch designer Yvanne Ham adds her flair to it and produced a beautiful flowery looking bracelet just in time for spring.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Challenge For Me!

These earrings were a bit on the challenging side for me, but I did finish them! It is another pattern from my niece, Jenni, done in peyote/gourd stitch.

I love the colors and used Swarovski beads to give her a bit of sparkle at the bottom of her "kusbuck" or dress-jacket. She is a dancing Eskimo with a beautiful head dress on.

The headdress was what I had trouble doing. After several attempts and having to pull out the beads each time, I learned that I need to finish the basic rows first and then go around the edge to put in the beads that extend out giving her hat a long fur trimmed look. The ladies that wear these dancing hats make them so beautiful and are finished with long fur. I am not sure what kind of fur though, maybe wolverine.