Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Happy Work

I love these earrings and love how they swing on my ears. They are perfectly weighted and I love the sterling silver they dangle from. Aren't they cute?

Ran across a poem and makes me think of getting busy beading and the joy that comes from finishing a project. I did finish the bracelet below. I received the order I made and was able to complete the project. It sparkles so nicely.

Here is the poem I wanted to share with you.


I wished to shirk my task one day:

I much preferred some pleasant play.

But when the work I'd once begun,

'Twas full of interest, joy and fun.

The dust removed from off my books

Brought happy thoughts and cheerful looks.

Weeds, in the garden, put to rout,

Made beauty blossom round about.

Why use my time and strength and skill

In hard-wrought play, to serve me ill?

Why from sure pleasure should I shirk,

Since there is play in pleasant work?

Written by Benjamin Keech

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Anonymous said...

Looks great !! I would love to know how to make these